You might have seen the infinite number of women on and off social media 

who suddenly developed numerous baby hairs around their hairlines.  They talked  about “laying” their edges and you wondered what does edge control do?  If you haven’t tried it, maybe your hair is always smooth or you like a natural hairline.  Defining edges has become a thing again and women of all ages are loving it!


When you were younger, you might have had those tiny hairs around the front of your forehead.

They refused to stay in and are usually the first sign that your hair needs a change of style.  Taming these “baby hairs” is a necessity for many people.  Some of us got more than we deserved and some of us didn’t.  With the return of box braids and lace-front wigs, the trend now is to have some hairs to soften the look.  A product called an edge tamer is applied with a brush that makes these small hairs lie flat.


Some things to know about edge tamers:

  • They come in different strengths and are for any hair type.  This is a big help for those with natural hair as it helps to lift the face when it is applied.  You may have been curious as to what does edge control do but were shy to try it. 
  • It is usually a wax-based product in most cases but I have used it on the hairline for dreadlocks clients  if they have difficulty to smooth edges.  
  • If you want to have some product to save you worrying if your hairline is intact, edge control is great.
  • I would remove it each night if you have a scalp problem.
  • It is sold in different strengths and since I have been rocking natural hair all summer, I get the tough guy: 24 hour strength; but you might like a lighter one if your hair has a softer texture.   


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My one gripe is if you are a “woman of a certain age” to avoid having a heavy amount of edges—what can edge control do but highlight the fact that you have more baby hairs than a teenager.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design