Over the years there has been debates between myself and a few ladies on what hair length guys like.  One camp felt that men like women with long hair, the other that they like it short and others that it does not matter.  As with all debates, while we agreed on some points, everyone stood by their position.  Being the know-it-all that I am, I asked  male clients to give me their thoughts on the subject with interesting results.

  • some of the males thought the hair was important but felt it was because they had met their mate with a certain look.  If she decided to change, some felt they could handle it while others not.
  • some felt a body part e.g. face was the deciding factor and the hair should blend in somehow.
  • others felt long hair was sexy but as one put it, if she had the body and well as the attitude to go with it, it’s a dude.
  •  the younger ones seemed to not care so much for the hair as how the girl looked overall and could she cook and do laundry?
  • the men who liked women with long hair also seemed to like others with any kind of hair if they hit it off.

I share this because in this period of almost militant feminism, it surprises me when a women will say almost apologetically, that she will not change her hairstyle because her significant other “likes it long”. If your hair looks fried and in need of urgent care, I feel you should get a cut that will correct it for the future.

I think what women who ask what hair length guys like want to ask is will guys like me.  If you dress well and carry yourself with confidence they certainly will.  If you have been brought up to feel your hair must be a certain length to be pretty, then this will show in how you carry yourself.  I like a confident woman myself, in whatever length of hair.

By Paula Barker, (Silkielocks.com)

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