After someone has started dreadlocks, you do not want to have the 

question:  what happens if I don’t retwist my locs?  It means there was a lack of communication during the consultation.  Several questions should be answered during that time.  This should have been one of them!


During a consultation, right after “how often should I retwist my locs”, the next question should be

“what happens if I don’t retwist my locs?”.  Unless they are doing freeform, this is an essential step.  Even freeform dreadlocks need to be landscaped after some time.  The myth that having dreadlocks is cheap is just that, a myth.  In the 70s to 90s it was cheaper to do because it was worn by creatives and those who defied rules and customs.  That stuff changed when the Millenials got hold of it.  Messy dreadlocks are a thing of the past!

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Here are some examples of what happens if you do not retwist your dreads:

  • roots become thin
  • dreads start sticking together
  • Dreads can join in odd places leaving holes
  • They break off at the ends
  • They snap at the roots
  • You have two textures on your head.  One at the roots, the other to the ends.
  • Dreads can be lost without you knowing
  • No two dreads will be the same size.  To save the super skinny ones may mean joining it to others
  • You can develop hair loss from the weight of the dreads on the thin roots.

If you do not wish to go have someone do the retwist, plan to do it yourself. These were just some of the challenges for people who wonder what happens If I don’t retwist my locks.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design