It is a few months into the quarantine and 

people see they have to do something about their hair because there are these modern day snitches called Face Time,  Zoom and Skype. This leads to them asking what happens  if you don’t use product to retwist dreadlocks?  There are many people who do not put products, and they are managing quite well right now because of it.


Many of the clients I get already had dreadlocks.  They found 

me because they noticed massive buildup in their hair.  I have used full rolls of Bounty (and you know it acts like a cloth towel), to remove beeswax from clients’ hair a few times. I stopped using real towels because I always had to turn them into rags after.   I have squeezed stuff from dreadlocks, after numerous washes that made my hands hurt afterwards.  Product buildup can leave your hair looking dirty and this is the basis of a lot of the stereotypes people with dreadlocks get.


To be clear, I use the crochet method so I have no need for products.  If you are going from

using any kind of product to none cold turkey, you will have some challenges:

  • The hair will untwist itself for the first few months;
  • You are better off having pins to hold them until they are dry
  • Maintenance will have to be done more often
  • On the bright side, you will develop loads of patience and cleaner hair, yay!


What happens if you don’t use product to retwist dreads is that you do not have to worry how long the quarantine will be because you can wash and retwist them anytime.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design 


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