If you are planning on providing dreadlocks maintenance services, you need

to know what is the difference between repair and renovation on dreadlocks.  It’s like you have a house and you notice a hole at the side of your doorstep.   As a responsible homeowner, you call for a repair.  When the contractor pulls earth away, you see a gap in the foundation and before you know it, you have a full blown renovation!  Dreadlocks maintenance can cause a similar situation!


I can’t count the amount of times  I have had a simple maintenance appointment change

when the client arrived.  People underestimate the level of work that has to be done to make the hair look good sometimes.  For instance, while some clients will get their dreadlocks redone on a schedule, others do it on a “need to” only basis.  They only get it done when hair is either hanging by a string; they are bald in some areas or all the dreads in a certain section decide to live together.


At a casual glance, the work looks like you can complete it in a reasonable time.  Hopefully,

you booked enough time because ninety percent of the time, it’s worse than you thought.  I am one to discuss the price difference this catastrophe will cause now if the client expressed a severe aversion to parting with more money. Mostly they are okay to pay as they have lost several dreadlocks and close family are starting to complain.  Neglect dreadlocks are fine for uni/college but not if you want a conservative job.


In a case such as this, you will definitely see what is the difference between repair and

renovation on dreadlocks.  The differences are:

Repair includes:

  • fixing broken, thin places;
  • Forming roots
  • removing lint,
  • removing wax if possible:
  • reattaching fallen Locks.  

Renovation includes:

  • all the repair services, and
  • can mean you have to change the position of dreadlocks;
  • change size;
  • clean up partings;
  • join dreads together to make them stronger; longer
  • remove and restart some dreadlocks;
  • make new sections where dreadlocks no longer exist.

If being a loctician is just a side hustle, knowing what is the difference between repair and renovation is not for you.  But, if this is your work and you do it well, knowing the difference makes a difference in your income.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design 


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