Young men on the cutting edge of fashion regularly call

the salon asking what is the minimum length of hair for cornrows.  It is almost summer (although, if you lived in Ottawa, you would not think so), and guys are once again challenging the ladies in the hair fashion game.   Men are still loving the man bun, twists and box braids but cornrows are back!!



Truthfully, in the past cornrows were being worn but

they come with a slight change this time around.  Guys want them the size of french braids as a nod to the goddess braids being worn by the ladies.  To have this style requires that you know what is the minimum length of hair for cornrows or else you might have to consider adding extensions.  Most guys shy away from extensions but some do not care and will do whatever is necessary to achieve a look.  So what is the minimum length of hair for cornrows? Here is a guide:

  1. For super curly or frizzy hair,  it is best to have about 5 inches for cornrows going straight back.  There will be some pulling if the length is not the same all over, so be prepared.  I have braided slightly shorter hair but aim for this length so the style can last.
  2. For slightly straight, curly hair it is best to have about 6 inches.  It is a weird description I know, but some people of African descent have this straightish curly hair that behaves like straight hair and requires more length to do a braid.  
  3. Wavy and straight hair needs about 8 inches of hair or longer.  Sometimes, if your grip is even you could do cornrows on shorter hair but it is very painful if it is your first time or your braider has a death grip.  


When doing cornrows, it is all about the grip.  If you are not able to maintain an even hold for the whole row, your cornrow is ruined.  This is why it is important to know what is the minimum length of hair for cornrows.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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