I had a few talks with people recently on what kind of brush is best for your 

hair.  After the release from lockdowns, many people had hair they had as teenagers.  Almost all of them were using brushes not meant for their hair.  Others just used whatever was at hand because they did not know what to use!


Surprisingly, I still find men with long hair treat it better than women.  They will research

products or ask females in their lives for help.  Women on the other hand,  note what their favourite female celebrity says she uses e.g.  brush, shampoo or makeup, and order it ASAP!  No thought is given to what is MY hair type, skin type. body size? 


If you are buying a brush, you need to know why you want it.  Is it for removing knots?  slicking down

a hairstyle?  blow drying the hair?   There are brushes for specific things and they need to be used just for that.  Some brushes work best on straight, others on curly or coily hair.  Here are some common brushes I like to use according to hair type.


For blow drying:  4C Curly or Coily, Wavy, Straight, Relaxed & Texturized Hair.

I also can use it for brushing out tangles. The bristles are smooth and have round tops that prevent damage.


For blow drying Straight/Wavy hair only.  


For blow drying Straight/Wavy hair only.  


For brushing the hair, whether for smoothing or just to complete a comb out: 4C, Straight or Wavy Hair


For removing tangles:  4C,  Straight, Wavy, Relaxed & Texturized.  There are lots of other products now available for removing tangles but a wide-toothed comb is essential.  This is the one that works even for the lazy people.  Start from the bottom of the hair and continue up.    


Some damage has to be blamed on using the wrong tools.  The wrong tool can damage your hair if used over time.  Curly hair is always in danger from this.  Straight hair is easier to comb through if you haven’t neglected it.  It is so much easier to do your hair when you know what kind of brush is best for your hair!

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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