My first situation that disputed what length of hair is considered long

happened in my first year working on commission.  A lady came in and asked how much to have her hair coloured.  Being green, I gave her a price based on the length her hair was at the time.  I discovered my mistake when we were applying the colour.  She was a cunning one.  But like a trooper, I finished her mid-back length hair because she battled any increase in the price.  Based on that experience, I have had instances to consider if they are being deliberately shady or they have a bias!

After that first time, the instances where clients and I have “strongly discussed” what length of hair is

considered long have gone in my favour.  As an experienced stylist I have learned:

  • If the client has curly hair, do not assume it is short.  That hair can stretch to their waist when soaked in water.
  • A person’s view of their hair length is conditional.  For example, she will say her mid-back length hair is “short”.  In a hair salon, this is considered “long”.  But, if you got to know her better you may discover it is short for her because her female family members all have waist-length hair!
  • She may have waist-length hair but considers it short because she wants to grow it to her ankles.  I had a client  who had hair to her ankles.  She wants to see how much further it will go.  I don’t want my hair to have its own shower.
  • Usually, if the person insists their hair is short, you need to see it before confirming a price.
  • Never confirm the price of certain services, chemical or otherwise, until you finish. The person may have thick and long hair.
  • Many women with long hair do not want it cut, even one millimeter.  Any amount you cut is still considered too much. Even if it is exactly like the picture you are shown.

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Each person has their view of what length of hair is considered long.  As stylists, it is up to us to psychologically figure out what that is.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design