If movies are to be believed, there would be no reason to ask “What should I

do with my hair when I sleep?”  The hair on these women is voluminous and long.  Or they are voluminous and short.  They never have bad hair days.  They can sleep on their hair all night, doing sweaty things, but the hair, it stays in place. Just like the makeup. Only girls in bad roles have the normal hair that needs help!

It is mostly after a client has done a new service that we get asked “what should I do with my hair

when I sleep?”  By right, before they get the service, this should be discussed.  Sometimes the level of work to keep it is outside their behaviour.  I have seen ladies with extra-long hair extensions that had no business wearing that length.  I have seen people with colour that should have made a budget for the next appointment.  I have seen people get dreadlocks under the assumption that it only had to get done once.

Before you sleep, you should prepare your hair for those 6-8 hours.  Even if you do only three, this still applies:

  • If your hair is long and worn loose, remove the knots and tie them in a bun with a covered band.  You can either comb or brush it.  I tend to favor the comb because I feel people rip their hair unnecessarily when they use a brush.  It would be good to wrap it in a silk wrap so the knots never come.
  • If you have curly/wavy hair, long or short, you should try to sleep in a silk wrap.  A wrap or a bonnet is not the sexiest thing in the world but it saves your hair.  
  • If you have dreadlocks, a silky durag, wrap/bonnet or dread hat is essential to keep the fuzzy pieces away.
  • If you have natural hair or just had it straightened, a silk wrap/bonnet is a must.  I tell my clients I require them to sleep like stone for that night so they look great for the event the next day.  
  • A silk pillowcase is an option if you stay with it all night.

I have two books “Dreadlocks, A Hairstylist’s Manifest” and “Talking Hair” on amazon.  I would appreciate your support.  Thank you.

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A lot of the damage to hair happens because many people don’t ask “what should I do with my hair when I sleep?”  It gets tangled in sheets, gathers lint or gets caught under resting bodies.  When it is tied up or is under a silk wrap, it stays healthier.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design