I have totally become a two-year-old

on “time out” during this quarantine!   When you are used to being active, you do not know what to do when you’re stuck at home bored! I mean, don’t get me wrong, my house has benefited greatly from this isolation–it is substantially cleaner!  But there is only so much cleaning, paperwork, watching tv and cooking you can do before you start feeling suffocated! 

So, to stop this forced lock-down feeling, I have come up with a number of hair things you can

do when you do not know what to do when you’re stuck at home bored!  Here are a few you could try with challenges:

  • Make a schedule of things to do daily.  (If you have young children, you really have to do this step)
  • Have a 3-hour slot for just doing hair, maybe once or twice for the week.
  • Look for all the hairstyles you have always wanted to try and do them. 
  • One important requirement has to be that it should be easy to take out in case things get messy and you freak out.
  • If you have dreadlocks, try putting your hair up, palm rolling or just twisting to keep the dread even.
  • If your hair is super short, try something different for your texture.
  • Colour can get tricky if you are not used to doing it yourself.  The main problem is how to do the colour without painting all your walls with it.  Black is not the colour you want to start out with and dreadlocks need careful attention because they go everywhere. 
  •  No haircuts!   
  • Adding extensions? do it on one side only to see and get opinions before proceeding.


Now that I have given you some hair stuff to do when you do not know what to do when you’re stuck at home bored, I am going to resume my experiments.  If you are hopeless with hair, then view a tutorial for something crafty, everyone can be crafty.



On Lockdown! Call when it is lifted and you are in the Ottawa, Ontario Area. 

Be safe!