Every year at christmas, in an effort to boost morale and help workers work better as a team, companies hold lunches, dinners and¬† parties.¬† ¬†Employees in most cases look forward to these events, but the ladies are apt to worry about what to wear to the staff christmas party.¬† ¬†Here is an event that requires careful engineering. How do you look professional while taking the time to let your hair down after a hard year’s work?

For this instance, I mean that literally.  A change of hairstyle is a great way to lighten the air at the staff party.  If you are that person who is always in a severe pulled back chignon, how about let it hang loose for the night.  Are you someone who usually  wears a ponytail, maybe some loose curls just for the night?   A hair ornament with some bling to adorn a new hairstyle works too and can become a conversation piece to break the ice.

Here are some dos and don’ts for the office party scene:

  • Do think about what you want to wear so you can plan your hairdo accordingly;
  • Do make your appointment and let the stylist know what you have in mind.¬† The time to make your new hairdo might take longer than normal;
  • Do talk about any hair ornaments you are planning to wear so she can offer advice or bring it with you for a trial.
  • Do make your appointment a few hours before the party so you are not rushed.
  • If you are doing your hair the day before, let the stylist know so she can offer advice on sleeping to preserve the style.
  • Do let the stylist know if you have a long travel and she could let you know if the style will hold up.
  • Don’t try some complicated hairdo if you are not hair savvy; a few waves are better that a head of curls that fall out because you got stressed while dressing.
  • Don’t go overboard with the clothes, remember these are your coworkers not family.¬† Too skimpy or overdressing can sometimes be the same thing.
  • Don’t be too late; plan your time carefully
  • Don’t be offended if people don’t recognize you right away; people will usually realize this if you just say hello.¬† They are probably thinking you are a guest because you have a new look.

The bottom line at these events is to mix and mingle responsibly with members of your organisation, so have fun.   It will likely go a long way in building inter-office relationships and net you new friendships.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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