Last Saturday it occurred to me that I like, what’s another word for “goofing

off?:  relaxing!  For so many years I would listen to smug Monday to Friday workers talk about how short the weekends were.  Try working until late on a Saturday when all the barbeques, bridal parties and trips happen.  You miss out on a lot of “stuff”.  


These lockdowns have made me appreciate having Saturdays off.  Doing hair is great but working

for yourself takes up your time.  For now, at 5:00 pm on Friday, I shut down.  Since I am going to be in forced confinement, I figure, I might as well enjoy it!  I read, change my hair (for the 100th time according to my roommates), and make food I would normally buy just to save time etc.  It is a wonderful life. 


I am going to milk this to the end.  Who knows when there will be another “staycation” like this.  Hopefully, a regular monthly break could become part of the benefits people can take without repercussions in the future.  I will try to be caught on an island next time, taking time for, what’s another word for “goofing off” again:  ME time.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


Enjoying The Weather Until  The Reopening!  You Should Too!