A few months into motherhood women will , along with caring for a newborn and adjusting to a new sleep cycle, experience what is known as postpartum hair loss.  This is a condition which freaks all women out no matter how prepared they thought they were.   Anyone dealing with a baby full time would rather not have her hair falling out as well!


Because of the higher levels of hormonal changes, during a pregnancy the hair does not fall as normal.  We lose 150 to 250 strands of hair normally per day unless your hair is locked,  Most women attain the sought after thickness and lengths during this time.  Unfortunately, they also become attached to it and think it will continue after birth.  The hair will start falling a few months later, usually around 6-8 month mark in my experience.  They will run to the hairstylist really concerned they will lose all their hair.


There is really just a need to maintain nutrition and vitamin levels.  Deep conditioning treatments and trims may also be done to maintain healthy strands.  Sometimes the loss is minimal and other times certain areas of the head may thin a bit more.  Massaging with oils can help here also in addition to the treatments. This condition affects all women regardless the hair is natural and/or locked as long as they had a pregnancy.  Braiding or weaving the hair may be done as long as it is not adding a lot of weight to the thinning areas.  Healthy eating habits will be the most helpful with this problem,

The hair will return to normal in a few months but not at the level of the pregnancy.  This is just a natural phase that if managed properly, the hair will be just as before.


By Paula Barker, Silkielocks.com

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