Many years from now in Ottawa and most of Ontario, June 12 might be 

remembered in greeting cards as the day when you catch up with friends.   After 4 long months of quarantine, people spilled out onto the streets, happy for the easing of more restrictions.  


I was really happy to learn that hair salons 

would be part of the second phase of the reopening.  It signalled a huge step towards being normal.  There are rules regarding social distancing and wearing of protective gear but who can ignore the thrill of sunshine and freedom!  I was able to start booking clients and once they came it was like when you catch up with friends.


We’re Back!

Please Call (613) 789-2179 For An Appointment If You Are In The Ottawa, Ontario Area.

When you catch up with friends, you share 

experiences and challenges you faced while you were away from each other.  Coming back to work feels the same.  We are having fun telling our war stories from the quarantine.   Everyone has a story about looking good on Zoom; managing your work environment with kids while on video calls and the early fears of going food shopping, etc.


Working from home may become the new normal for a lot of people but there will always be time to relax and unwind when you catch up with friends.  

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design