If things ever turn upside down in your life, you can overcome it when you 

make do with what you have.  This year is a prime example!  There was nowhere to vacation without restrictions; everyone was impacted or new normals put in place.  We thought we would be fine by year end, but here we are still figuring it out!


For hairstylists, sometimes we have situations when you

have to make do with what you have.  The following are past appointments where I have had  to make do with what was available:

  • Braids Extensions:  the client brought less hair than needed and we had to use another colour.  Sometimes, this turns out to be the way they first try new colours!
  •  Weft hair extensions:  the weft had more colour that was shown e.g. a bright red under dark brown.  When seen all out, the red overshadowed the brown and the client was freaking out!  We cut off most of the red and kept it low key and found some extra hair to add.
  •  Short hair:  client wanted to keep the hair long but had hair loss on the side.  We agreed to keep the top long with short sides.


I said this to say, life will always present situations when you least expect it.    You overcome when you make do with what you have.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design 


Wishing You A Wonderful 2021! Be Safe! 

Under Lockdown – Will Keep You Posted.