If you are looking for a change and decide to try a wig, there is usually the age-old of question of “which wigs look natural”. ¬†Other questions that might come up are what length, color, curly or straight, human or synthetic? ¬†The questions are many but so are the choices. ¬†More and more ladies are opting for wigs for varied reasons:

  • Bad Hair Day: ¬†You keep that go-to wig for days when your hair is not co-operating. ¬†It also works really well when you are late for work if you do not scoot right away. I am finding this is becoming the most common reason ladies give. ¬†I understand you can have this issue a few times, especially for winter, but for heaven’s sake look after your real hair under it regardless!
  • New Look: ¬†May be you are going to a party; entering the dating game, whatever, you could try that 22 inch length you have wanted for a long time. ¬†On the flip side, if you score a date you will have to explain the drastic hair cut!




  • Hair Loss: ¬†sometimes one has no choice but to wear a wig if there is a medical condition like cancer, or stress that causes alopecia. ¬†More and more though I am finding a lot of ladies who use braids judiciously have no choice but to wear wigs because they have lost their hair . ¬†If you opt to wear a wig for reason of hair loss other then medical, you still have to care for your hair ¬†by using deep conditioners and trimming frayed ends.

Whatever the reason, the question still remains:  which wigs look natural?  I think this depends on race, color, hair texture  and personality.

Race:  If you choose a synthetic or a human hair wig, check if the  hair feels normal to the touch.  Avoid hair that looks too plastic.   Wigs are much more natural looking now so research various companies until you find one that closely follows your hair.

Color:  choosing wigs that look normal to the eye is very important.   However, female millenials have changed the hair field so much so that everyone has an open passport to wear whatever color or texture they please.  If you are from the old-school of thought that says you should be a particular way because of your size, culture etc.  welcome to the new world where self acceptance is the new vogue.  I only judge (sometimes I do) when the color just clashes with the skin tone.  For me, the color you choose must complement not distract.

long hair wigs

picture of wigs in various colors

  • Hair texture: ¬†Your hair must be maintained regularly so there is no difference between the wig’s texture and your own. ¬†It distracts from your look if the textures do not match.
  • Personality: ¬†Avoid getting styles that make you uncomfortable, like getting wild curls and you like your hair with every strand in place. ¬†It shows your insecurity when you keep trying to place strands constantly. ¬†This also applies to buying 18 inch hair and rolling it in a ponytail all the time.

When you go to choose a wig, feel the texture, try it against your skin.  Consider costs if you plan on wearing it for a long time; you will have to care it or buy a new one each time.  If you do not care if people know it is a wig, try a different length.  Make sure it make you look more attractive and you will not regret your choice.


by Paula Barker, Silkielocks.com

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