Occasionally I have clients who ask “why are my locs thinning in the middle?” 

This happens more often to dreads than we realize.  No matter how thick they are, this is something that can happen to anyone!

If a client comes in with dreads thinning in the middle, there are three main things they are doing

that are causing this.  They are:

  • Styling the hair too tightly:  Yess!  It is great to finally be able to make styles with those dreads BUT, whenever a dread rests on another dread, the point at which they meet will thin out.  I always tell my clients to remove any style they have after two days.  Mostly, (because they feel cute) they leave it a little longer.  When this is happening you will see the top and bottom of the dread are the same size.  However, the middle will be this long, thin area. If they do this for too long, I repair it but they just lost two or more inches in length.
  • Client is using certain dreads as hair ties.  If the dreads are being used to tie up other dreads, they should be changed each day.  When you see the dreads are becoming thin,  buy yourself some hair ties or make some!
  • The dreads are in a ponytail all the time.  Please, try to change your look sometimes.  Leave it down or wrap it up, just do something different for a change!

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Pictures of influencers with dreadlocks styled up in beautiful hairdos are the reason some will ask why are my locs thinning in the middle.  What they do not tell you on the social media platforms is that these styles can ruin your locs if kept in too long.  You have two days to look cute, and then you have to get back to reality.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design