As a hairstylist, if you have ever run late, you know why asking the right 

questions is important.  When you attend hairstyling school, they cannot prepare you for everything.  Your days are not going to be perfect all the time, bummer!  And, to add insult to injury, you are usually the one who walked right into it.

For example, pre-covid, a stylist has her day booked.  A client calls, asking for e.g. a comb twist,

or a brush cut.  Just a simple cut or twist, hair is already washed, perfect!  There is a small window of time between two clients.  As an experienced stylist, you know this is easy!  This was supposed to be your lunch time but we can down something later.  You accept to do the job.   Then the client comes in and you realize you are in deep trouble!. This is when you write “note to self- never do this again!” on your brain.  This is also why asking the right questions is important.


Firstly, the client’s hair will either be tangled, have gum all through it,

or they only have 50 more braid extensions to remove, oops!  You can feel panic setting in.  The new client  casually states that all they want is a cut. Now, if you are a seasoned stylist, you might expertly wiggle out of the situation.  If you are new or building a clientele, you want to keep everybody happy. 


Therefore, if you do not wish to have many of these high stress situations, ask for more information.  The questions you need to ask are:

  • The condition of the hair:  is it tangled, damaged in any way?
  • Is the hair under a wig or in extensions (in which case you might need time to remove it first?)
  • When did you last comb it; take it out of the ponytail?
  • When was the last time your hair was washed?


I could go on but I am sure you now see why asking the right questions is important.  It will save you so much time and the client will not have come in vain.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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