People with curly hair have regular “entanglements”.  We can comb our 

hair and five minutes later, it goes right back to tangles.  Not to say this does not happen to those with straight hair, it just seems to like curly hair more.  After a few years, you hopefully develop a tolerance and have everyone wondering why can some people handle more pain than others?


In a hair salon we do a lot of comb outs and a lot

of detangling.  Mostly, it is to complete a service like a blow dry or for cornrows.  Ever so often though, you get the gems, like a dreadlocks removal.  Recently, I did one of these, only because the person just had it for two months.  The dreads had been done elsewhere but she wanted them out.  After they were removed, she told me she was sure that childbirth was less painful.  For some reason people find detangling or making the hair very painful whether it is a male or female.


Here are a few ways to take good care of your hair so you know why can some people handle

more pain than others: 

  • The hair is combed out regularly, e.g. each day or week.
  • Using moisturizers to keep the hair soft.
  • Hair is trimmed regularly so the ends stay smooth.
  • The hair is braided or put in a ponytail to limit tangling while they sleep.
  • A silk wrap is worn on curly hair to keep hair smooth while sleeping.

If you do these things, you will have a higher tolerance for hair pulling and will no longer have to wonder why can some people handle more pain than others.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design 


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