One of the questions I often ask clients with locs is “why did you decide to lock

your natural hair?  The answers are interesting!  Each person has their own reason that led to their decision.  One thing I learned  during my career is that you cannot always predict who will decide to go on a  dreadlocks journey! 

First of all, the question “why did you decide to lock your natural hair?”  is a great icebreaker!  It gets us

talking.  I learn more about the client’s desires.  Usually we keep the dialogue going for the length of the appointment. 

My most common answers to this question are:

I just luv them.


I do them because I know my (  ?   ) would hate it.  Here you can insert -mother, parents, aunts, religious/social/cultural rules etc.
I got tired of braiding  my hair all the time.


My scalp got burned by a relaxer.
I lost my hair to a relaxer.
All my hair broke and I decided to atart over because I will not lose my hair again.
I have always admired the look of the hair.
It inspires me spiritually.


It inspires me spiritually


I got tired of doing extensions.
I wanted to be able to swim and now worry about my hair.


I got tired of worrying about the rain and wind, when I had weaves on.
I luv Bob Marley.  
It connects me to the earth.

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I think you got the idea! It is always interesting that afterwards I get the same question.   So, why did you decide to lock your natural hair?  Leave me your comments. 

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design