When you work in the service business, you can often wonder “why do people

struggle with delayed gratification”.  Delayed gratification or delayed satisfaction is a huge problem for people now more than ever!  Having to wait for any time to do anything is a thing of the past..  Hairstylists often find themselves in situations where they have to think outside the box to keep the clients happy!

Experienced hair stylists  can often find a fix for most situations.  Whether the client is willing to wait is

normally the problem.  There have been so many advancements in hair and constant changes on social media, people expect to have to have that look today!!  Here I have outlined some situations where we had to remember that customer service manual to manage the expectation:

  • The client wants dreadlocks.  The hair is two inches long.  Five years ago, they would grow the hair out until it was long enough.  Today, they buy extensions.  The amount of hair to make the locs makes it somewhat difficult for the extensions to stay in but they are always willing to try.
  •  Hair was cut very short after a breakup or it’s a new hair trend.  Now there is a new beau or a potential one.  They want the longer hair back but they want it to look natural; and they don’t like extensions. 
  •  Hair is severely damaged for medical reasons, lack of care, or stress.  Client wants it to look like the picture that inspired them – without cutting anything. 

In all these examples, the  stylist has to think quickly to find a solution.  I am not gonna pretend that sometimes I have not had to say “no”, “wait” or “that is never going to happen”.

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Maybe we have become a “microwave generation”, always wanting everything now. This is the only way to explain away the question: “why do people struggle with delayed satisfaction”.  

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design