When clients are having hair issues such as the hair is too short; breakage or needs a rest period to let it grow (winter), I will sometimes recommend braiding.  They all wonder, why does braiding hair make it grow.  Why not give them a magic potion that causes it to fall on their shoulders overnight or a cream that stretches to double its length?  People always want that instant result that is not possible in real life.  Hair grows about half and inch in six weeks, and if it is curly, it seems to take twice as long!
Along with patience and a good diet, hair growth is a process that must run its course.  Here are some of the reasons why braiding hair makes it grow:

  • It lets the hair rest: When you are worried about the hair being short, you are constantly touching, twisting and pulling.
  • It grows but you don’t see It:  Because you are constantly tugging and pulling, you think it is not growing but it is, just not enough to make you happy.
  • It takes fixing hair in the morning off your mind:  Since you do not have to fix your hair in a hurry every morning, you have loads of time to do other stuff, like makeup.
  • You can choose any length:  You are able to get any length you want, just don’t swing your head back and forth if it’s extra long.
  • You can change colour:  You are able to choose whatever colour you want with no worry about it affecting your hair.  You can become bombshell blonde or neon in the blink of an eye!
  • Braids can stay in up to 2 months, with care: Braids can last up to two months, you might find it hard to go back.
  • You can try different textures:  E.g if you are curly, you could try straight or dreads if you want to be natural.
  •  Lets you get your natural texture back:   For those who have changed their natural texture for years, this is the perfect way to start on that journey.

The one drawback with braiding:  time.  You could spend your lifetime getting them done depending on the braider.  If you cannot sit for more that 5 hours, get them as big as you can.  I lied about there being one drawback:  the other one is the take down.  That can be the one act that destroys world peace.  Your friends and family will abandon you after the first time when they have to spend four of their precious hours helping you take it down.  Ask any husband whose wife has forced him into doing this labour of love.   The next time you will usually not be so lucky unless you have a healthy bribe.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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