I  get clients who are

very consistent in having their hair done regularly, but seemingly have no clue as to why haircuts are important.  They use the best products at home and are very versed on current looks and what celebrities are wearing.  Certainly money is not the problem, so why do so many back up, sometimes even freak out and launch into horror tales, when you mention a haircut?

Interestingly, hair grows about a half inch in 6 weeks.  This inch is more visible on straight and wavy hair; if your hair is super curly, it can look like it never grew at all.   Talk to some women though, whether curly, wavy or straight, they all have the same story:  my hair never grows!   Therefore, they refuse to have any of it cut because it will apparently take centuries to grow back!  So time after time I have to educate them on what happens to the hair if it is not trimmed.

When the hair grows, it becomes uneven

over time and if it is not trimmed on a regular basis, it splits.  This split will continue up the hair shaft and the hair starts breaking.    It looks frizzy and the hair loses the style almost immediately  if one is not careful.   I tell my clients the hair works similar to a rose bush, which if it is not trimmed, fails to grow strong and have many blooms.

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Truth be told, many of them have post traumatic hairstylist syndrome from having their hair chopped off at salons.  Most decided  after that incident never to cut the hair again. I would respect that if the hairstyle would look good after it is done but it does not.  You have to try curling it to hide the crappy ends but they pop out every time.  All the conditioner in the world does not stop the breakage.

If you are worried about having a haircut, bring a picture of the cut you want and ask the stylist to show you on your hair how much will be cut.  Keeping the ends of the hair trimmed will help it grow longer and this why haircuts are important.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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