If you have straight hair, you may have heard your naturally curly-haired 

friends grumbling when winter comes.  Exactly why is winter bad for curly hair?  After all, it’s just hair.  You should be able to just shove it under a tuque, zip up your coat and go!  Well, no.  Not if your hair falls in the 3C, 4C or is just a thick bush category.

To help you understand why winter is bad for curly hair, here is a list of reasons people with naturally

curly hair choose protectives styles when it comes:


  • You cannot maintain a cool afro after putting on a tuque.  Upon arriving wherever you planned to go, there is a need to run to the bathroom.  Tuques or hats make afros assume weird formations.  This could vary from a cone head to a dent on one side.  
  • Some hair types will have shrunk to the scalp because of the wetness.  This is not good, especially if you already had a small head.
  • If your hair is thick and not tied up, the tuque will be hovering over the hair on top of your head.  If your hat is not huge this leaves your forehead and ears exposed to the elements.
  • The hoods of your coat will slide off regularly if you are trying to not wear a hat..  By the time you get where you are going, snow would have made a white, icy crown on your head.
  • Thick hair will hold the melted snow in your afro until you get somewhere warm.  It then begins to have streams of water descending into your clothes if you do not dry them.
  •  Forget straightening your hair.  Either keep it curly, pin it up or braid it.  Humidity is a killer for straightened curly hair in winter and summer.

I am not saying people with straight hair have no problems in winter.  We just want to feel less judged in answering the question: why is winter bad for curly hair.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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