As a stylist it is important to know why it helps to have social media. 

Countless times I meet people who present their reasons for now having a presence on any platform.  I understand their reasoning.  I also think that the kids of today spend too much time on them.  But, they serve a purpose and just because some people overuse it, does not mean it’s a bad thing.

I feel I keep up with the trends, but ever so often, I get that client who drops a surprise.  They will

ask for a hairdo you didn’t know existed.  A look on Salon Google will normally put you on the right track.  In the early 2000s, we hairstylists had to keep the salons stacked with hair books.  With the lockdowns, the internet does all that. 


Over the years, these were some of the more memorable requests:

  • “Rachel” Cut:  Jennifer Anniston in “Friends”
  • Curl:  Michael Jackson in “Beat It”
  • The Tail:  Eddie Murphy in “Coming to America”
  • “Posh Spice” Cut:  Victoria Beckham in “Spice Girls”
  • “Waves”:  Usher, Mace, Kanye et al
  • “Fade”:  Will Smith as “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, now random guy on Pinterest
  • All the hairstyles:  TLC, SWV, Blaque, Total et al from 90s girls groups
  • “Cornrows”:  Alicia Keys
  • “Lemonade Braids”:  Beyonce
  • “KIm Kardashian” Braids
  • Cornrows Men:  Alan Iverson, Kyle Lawry et al 
  • Dreadlocks:  Lauren Hill, Snoop Dog, The Weekend, Kodak Black, Zoe Kravitz, Bob Marley et al on Pinterest
  • “The Swoop”:  Aaliyah

Television is another source that figures in this realm.  I cannot tell you how many times I had to

suffer through some sitcom to see a hairdo.  It helps to do this if you cannot get a 3D view of the hair.


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You have to be on some platform If you want to continue to be relevant. You will attract some younger clients and have a fresh outlook.  To expand and grow your business is why it helps to have social media.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design