I found that I succeeded in my career as I got better at understanding why

it is important to avoid making assumptions.   Many times an appointment that should have taken two hours maximum, ended up taking four.  Why?  I assumed the caller and I were talking about the same thing! 

In one memorable incident,  I had a caller request braids.  They asked the price.  I asked the usual

questions.  We made an appointment.  The person showed up. Our conversation:

Client:  I did not have time to get the hair extensions.  Isn’t there a store near here?  We could buy them there.  

Me:  They open at 10:00 am. That is an hour from now. I have other appointments after you. 

Client:  (removing head wrap to reveal hair with 80% of braids removed) Oh! Also, I did not have time to wash my hair from the previous braids.  Could I have them washed too?

After that debacle, I made a note for future reference:  whenever a client asks for any a braiding service, be sure to tell them the following:

  • you needed to come with clean hair; 
  • you must have the hair extensions; 
  • I have other clients booked to come after you so there will not be time to do any additional services.

In this case, the client usually went to home salons or friends.  They would do the extensions over the

day, taking breaks for lunch or for the braider to do household chores.  I operate a salon, and though we share an Afro-centric culture, when it comes to business I keep it professional.  Unfortunately, she assumed I would be the same which is why it is important to avoid making assumptions that all clients operate the same.

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Over the years, I have come to realize that the words I use sometimes does not mean anything to the person I am speaking with.   If I gauge their personality correctly, I can hopefully put it in words that mean something to them and we have success.  If not, the misunderstanding that follows will show you why it is important to avoid making assumptions.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design