Many people do not understand why it is important  to invest in yourself after leaving

school. They spend valuable time studying a subject or service they like or their parents made them do  or as in a lot of cases, it paid good money. However, as soon as they leave school, they stagnate in some position they got while looking for their “dream” job and never left.  They never got the “why it is important to invest in yourself” memo and stay where they are for years!


When I was at high school, I figured I wanted to do business.

I had no clear idea what business I wanted but I knew having one gave you choices.  In Canada, I was able to make that choice, when I fell into hairstyling. Many people say they want to go into business but don’t want to take the risk and go through the tough times.  


In hairstyling, toughing it out is working on your own for

the first time.  It is providing a service to strangers and building a clientele. It is also having the jitters every time you got a request a service you figured you were not a pro but it came out great anyway.  Nevertheless, how do you get over these hurdles, you get more training. This is where investing in yourself pays dividends later on.


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I talk with people who worry about having lots of

money to get further knowledge and I amaze them with my story.  In the beginning of my hair career, I would travel with other stylists to the States with just enough money to pay my fare, hotel, and buy some food.  There was a famine moneywise for these trips and using the almost depleted credit card was always the last resort. When my friends would want to go out, I stayed in and watched television.  If we went to a shopping outlet, I contented myself mostly looking around. There was no going out unless it was free or did not bust the budget!


There are many hair companies offering classes and seminars for you to learn new ideas and ways of doing things.  My trainers at cosmetology school always said go to a hair show at least once a year and I have done that consistently. As a hairstylist, you need to be aware of what is happening in the industry and that is why it is important to invest in yourself.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design