Everyone has a favourite way they wear their hair but as you age, you will

find out why it’s important to switch up your hair part.   This is not a topic anyone normally discusses but it is good to know.  How many celebrities do we hear of that have peculiar behaviours they do to maintain their “good luck” or that one hairstyle that is part of their brand?

Often described as a quirk, superstition or “my thing”, wearing the hair in a particular style is a regular

human trait.  In our youth, you are more open to changing your hairstyle to look like a favourite celebrity or anime.   They will have say a middle part, or a side part or will only wear bangs.  While this might be to cover a large forehead or hide thin hair at temples, many keep this style well into adulthood.  Some people may not be able to change a part because this is how their hairline was made.   Most of us find a “look” and refuse to change. 

Here are some reason why it’s important to switch up your hair


  • With age, the part tends to widen. 
  • Hair in this section gets thinner with age 
  • Hair loss or alopecia is very common because of the repeated stress in this area.

To stop this happening, it is better to:

  • change the part on a regular basis e.g if you often part your hair in the middle, try parting it at the side.
  • If your hair is very long, you should look for cowlicks or whorls at the top of the head that get larger or more open as we age. 

The hair growth changes that come naturally with aging are why it’s important to switch up your hair part.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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