I had a very stimulating conversation on why women have embraced 

dreadlocks recently.  As late as the year 2000, there were still many who refused to even consider doing it.  What would they tell their spouses? earthly judges at church and family gatherings?  The thought was so agonizing, many still said they hurt just from remembering what happened the first time they wore twists home!

Luckily for them, over time, women got some sense. 

Many of them realized that their male counterparts have better hair.  Guys have more hair because they actually take better care of it when they decide to grow it long.  After a while, these women (and I am including a lot of mothers here) see their sons with hair at waist length.  Can we say how many women have reached waist-length hair in their lifetime doing other services?  Possibly none.  

The main reasons given why women have embraced dreadlocks are:

  • It is like braiding, only you don’t have to remove it after a month or two.  There is no painful detangling and combing out; the process to wash-dry-moisturize-buy hair extensions-get it braided; sleepless first two nights.
  • You can jump in the pool with everyone.  No sitting by the poolside ogling the cool water wishing you could jump in.  Not after sitting for two hours and paying good money to look this good.
  • You get to try cute styles while it grows longer.  
  • No longer have to run from wind and rain.
  • Eventually, if you take care of it, you have hair to do topknot buns.  Or you can get extensions to speed up the process.
  • You can do all the services like colour; cut in a style; wear it curly or straight as with normal hair.
  • We are now being told that many of the ingredients in straightening products used by ethnic women over the years might have been the cause of health issues.

If you have noticed more women going natural, the sense of freedom is why women have embraced dreadlocks.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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