The month of May and now June, in Ottawa, Canada has been wet.  The 

humidity that results is  why women with curly hair run from the rain.  We watch with envy as the people with straight hair stand primly under their umbrellas and the hair stays in place.  We do not want straight hair permanently, just the luxury of keeping our hair straight longer.

If a curly girl is out with her friends, she will bolt at the first sign of rain.  To help you better understand,

here  is a short version of what women with curly hair do when they want to temporarily go straight:

  1. Wash the hair, detangle and pin it in manageable sections.
  2. Blow dry. This too could take an hour or more depending on the amount of hair; how long it is and the texture.
  3. Straightening:  this takes another hour or two, maybe three.  If you neglected to dry it properly, it will take more time.

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Now that it is straight, you go out looking great.  You graciously accept the compliments showered on you.

But, several scenarios can ruin this glorious image you created:

  • Maybe you are at a pool party, some uncultured person decides to splash you
  • A kid with a spray gun accidentally gets you while chasing his friend
  • The place you are at is super hot and your head starts sweating.
  • The weather suddenly turns cloudy and either there is humidity or your hair gets damp.

To avoid having to spend half the day doing their hair, curly-haired women book a salon appointment.  This shaves the time down to two or 3 hours.  Imagine leaving your house nicely dressed and the weather changes.  You would have wasted money and time and is precisely why women with curly hair run from the rain.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design