I had a male client recently ask whether shaving his head would help prevent baldness.  He was seeing the hair at the top of his head get thinner and wondered if this was a solution.  He had tried a number of hair replacement products but because he delayed using something in the early stages, it was now too far gone for a quick remedy.

There are a number of hair replacement products on the market.  This area is one of the fastest growing in the hair industry because no one wants to lose their hair. ( I often joke with my clients who are in the sciences that fixing this problem would keep them in luxury for life along with products that halt aging, )  Recently, because of  repeated calls for it, Rogaine added a women’s line.  In the salon industry there are also several brands that address this, like Nioxin.  A more permanent solution would be hair transplants.  One thing that is common in all these is that they all work with continued usage.  Some clients want to stop the decline but are not prepared to commit financially.

Shaving the head will not prevent baldness.  What it will do is make it less noticeable until  the hair starts to grow.  One alternative is to keep the hair at the shortest length on the head.  There are some products that let the hair appear fuller and thicker that help at this stage.  They are made up of fibres that attach to the follicles and give the hair depth.  The only drawback is if you have dark or black hair it can make a mess of your linen.

I only recommend shaving if the hair is mostly gone so it is difficult to conceal.  This can be for receding hairlines that has taken all the hair at the front of the head or in the middle.  In my experience, those persons with this problem have perfect heads for this look and it is the persons with thick hair that cannot get their hair shaved.

By Paula Barker, Silkielocks.com

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