Summer came in with a scorching bang!  So hot that you just want without heat hairstyles .  In this temperature you just want a hairstyle that stays off your neck or back.  Today, it was so hot, I took my umbrella out for shade.  In North America, wearing sun block is a thing; people think you strange to have an umbrella for shade.  Well, today I did not care and I flaunted mine all the way to my errands.  If you have been experiencing the same weather, here are several without heat hairstyles that you should consider trying:

  • Braided buns or topknots- this is when you throw your hair in a bun or a topknot and maybe add a french braid to make it pop.  It can have a french braid on the side or back.  It can be done in goddess braids or cornrowed back, the choice is yours.
  • Messy buns are ponytails that look…well messy.  Pull all the hair back in a ponytail but not tightly, let a few pieces fall at the back or around the sides and viola!
  • Curls love this weather.  If you have some curl just apply a cream moisturiser without combing.  If your curls get big you should apply a pomade and a gel to keep it less so.  There are also products on the market to tame curls from various hair product companies that you can use according to your curl type.
  • Cornrow hairstyles are a summer favourite for those who want hairstyles without heat.  Adding synthetic extensions will help you keep the style longer.

Summer is the time to let your hair down or in this case up, to try some new without heat hairstyles.  It may be hot but I love it because I will be wishing I was this hot in a couple of months.  Enjoy the weather and your hair!


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