Have you ever done something and someone told you “you gave me quite a 

scare?!”  Not like Halloween, just something you would do on a normal day and think nothing of it? Well, I did this weekend.  When I was told what happened I thought it was funny!  Then, I got to thinking, we women have to be so careful!


Some things you buy because it comes in great packaging.  That is why companies pay large amounts

of money for it.  Humans do the same thing when trying to attract a mate. Women in particular, are very good at presenting a good package.  The rise in the feminist movement will not lessen this fact.  Manufacturers have enslaved us into paying good money for hair, makeup, nails and clothing.  I am worried about what is going to happen when false eyelashes and baby hairs go out of style?!


Last week I watched a Tik Tok where a lady got annoyed with a date.  According to her story, she

took her wig off, and he practically chased her from his house.  Later, he tried to invite her back but she was not interested.  In my case, I decided to give my real hair some care and left my scalp (as my son likes to call my wigs) on the sofa.  The way the wig lay on the back of the sofa, led my guy to believe I had dozed off there.  He reached over to rub my hair and it came with his hand.  I was upstairs so he told later how it gave him quite a scare!


He thought it would do the female public good to hear these things from a male outlook:

  • If you wear a wig and stay overnight at your date’s place, think really hard before you remove it.  I am a hairstylist so it goes with the territory.  If your date has people in theatre or sisters who are trendy, he might get it.  Other guys think it really is your hair, nails, eyelashes, boobs etc.
  • In the beginning, buy two wigs of the same type in case you have to sleep with one.
  • Ask what he admires in a woman.  Some men really like you because you have long hair.  Without it he will say “you gave me quite a scare”!
  • Lastly, if you look totally opposite of what you did the first time he met you, you keep this look for life.  Or, you have to let him see you “au natural”, slowly.

You do not want a man saying “you gave me quite a scare” after your wedding night.  It’s just not a good way to start a marriage.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


We had an “emergency break” aka mini-lockdown.  We re-open April 12.  Stay Safe.