Braids with grey extensions have been existence for a couple of years now, but recently, they have become even more popular.  In my previous post “Millenials Likely To Be The First ” I pointed out the irony of young people sporting what has for decades been marked as evidence of getting old! 

At first, I was very sure there was no way I would consider having braids with grey extensions.  Obviously, if you are on your way to the other side of the age stick, you avoid any references, comments etc that will confirm your age group.  I felt wearing grey hair would definitely shove not push the envelope.  Why go for a colour you will end up with eventually? 

Like everyone, I get Pinterest,

Allure, Facebook and other social media-bombed with people wearing various grey-themed hairstyles.  They looked so good and the colours were so gorgeous, I decided to look into “grey”.  I was in for an incredible surprise!  There are braids with grey extensions and other extensions with grey but not grey as we know it.   For example, one distributor had over 27 types of extensions with grey.  There were basic solid colours, ombre colours, two-toned colours, highlight colours to name a few.

There was, along the usual ash

grey, darker greys like dark teal or denim, or on the lighter side  pearl silver, frosty sky, periwinkle or super blonde. You could go crazy deciding which grey you wanted to be next! This was just one manufacturer, I did not have the time to look through another.  Did I tell you there was grey in all the colours including neon?

I have not decided where this will go yet.  Summer is coming and I have been Canadian long enough to welcome it with some trendy hairdo, just for the joy of it!.

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